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A warm welcome to the website for the Leader Class Owner's Association (L.C.O.A.)


Here you will find all sorts of useful information about the Leader dinghy, it's class association, latest news, events and pre-loved dinghies and parts for sale.


Covid update


Due to government restrictions there have been no Leader open meetings this year, sailing having been restricted to casual and club sailing as restrictions allowed.  We remain optimistic that it won't be too long before we can meet our Leader friends again for sailing, socials etc. Keep smiling Leader sailors we will see you again very soon.

About the Leader Class Owners' Association (L.C.O.A.)


The L.C.O.A. exists to encourage new and existing sailors to become active in the use of the Leader dinghy.  The Association also promotes the interest of the class and helps to maintain contact between members.


The Association is run by an annually elected committee of Leader owners to represent the racing, cruising and pottering fraternity.  One of the main of the Association since it's inception, is the friendliness between owners.


The L.C.O.A. arranges a series of open meetings during the season, together with the national championships, which are open to all Leader owners.


In many parts of the country, a trial demonstration can be arranged for prospective Leader owners by an existing member of the class.  This will enable prospective owners to experience the pleasure of owning and sailing a Leader.


LCOA Membership


Membership includes regular updates via email, eligibility for events in the Leader sailing calendar and support from other LCOA members.  Cost of membership is just £10 per year to become a full member and £5 per year for an associate member (e.g. non-Leader owner).


You can download a membership form using the button below. Simply print the form and send it with payment to Roger Morse Membership Secretary to the address on the form.

Leader Handicap


The RYA no longer includes the Leader in the Portsmouth Yardstick list.  The Leader had a Portsmouth number from it's design in 1960 until about 2005, but the RYA requires a minimum reporting level from clubs to keep the numbers up to date.  Despite the Association's best efforts, we could not acheive this minimum from the clubs.


The Leader is listed in the CVRDA (Classic and Vintage racing dinghy Association) handicap guidance.  It is 97 in their handicapping system, the same as an 'old' Enterprise.  The Enterprise has always had a very similar speed to the Leader.  Our PY numbers were the same (1117) from 1997 - 1999 and our boats are unchanged since that date.


Thus the LCOA asserts that a handicap of 1117 should be used when racing against other boats with a PY number.


Leader Measurements


All dinghy classes insist on measurement certificates on new boats to ensure that they are comparable to others within the class, which avoids the scenario where boats are built specifically to maximise speed by pushing tolerances to the limits.


Any new Leaders built would need a measurement certificate.  This could be arranged by contacting the LCOA committee.

Please click the link below for construction details.

History of the Leader


Designed by Gordon Pollard in 1961, the Leader was built as a general purpose 14 foot dinghy.  Treasurer Mike Sherwen has written an article about it's evolution, which you can read by clicking on the link below. 


You will also find several historical documents booklets and articles.